Are We Monsters?

As the rest of the world stumbled haphazardly into the future, the rural county of Ridgeway, Nevada remained stuck in the past. It held little distinction other than the desert, cold beer and boredom. However, that was about to change when a girl, wearing a tattered dress and nothing else but a strange tattoo on her arm appeared at a roadside café.

When no one could identify her, the owner figured she must have walked out of the desert. It was a feat made more amazing by the fact of the blistering summer temperature and that her feet were bare. Calling the sheriff’s office, he described her condition as “in a bad way.”

Her arrival will eventually reveal a well-hidden ball already in play. It was a frightening version of the future of which she had a significant role, though she was unaware of it and what she was capable of. Her soon encounter with the hard-nosed sheriff Tom Woods, will put her at terrible odds with the creator of that future, NeosGen Corporation and its founder, Kurt Hollenpege.

With only sheriff Tom Woods and his team of deputies standing in the way, those who scientifically harnessed the secrets of overcoming all human limitations and afflictions appeared unstoppable. Wearing his 45 Colt low on his waist with his Winchester nearly always in reach, he made the call to keep the girl safe and stop those who had decided to play God.

The most high tech device the sheriff owned was a flip-phone, which was his preference because it was easy. And he liked doin’ easy. The trouble is that what is coming is anything but.

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