Things in the World Have Changed


Three months ago, the narrative coming out of the White House was that things were much better off now. Looking back at that, I stood there wide-mouthed, eyes full of anticipation as I waited for it…waited…waited. But the punchline never came. The joke never broke. All I could do was sigh and shrug at missing an opportunity for a good laugh, something that in recent days was sorely missed. Instead, President Biden presented to us a dreadful punchline just a few days ago stating that we are at an inflection point and that there was going to be a new world order. He then declared that we’ve got to lead it.

Perhaps you have noticed about the days in which we live—really noticed. Perhaps not. But if you say that you haven’t, either you are a liar or in complete denial and your blinders are strong!

There is a purpose in all of these changes. A purpose well beyond the scope of normal headline scouring and conspiracy formation. It is a purpose that transcends everything understandable to the natural mind, and the normal experience. In the beginning, the changes appeared small, hiding their significance to all but the most discerning. And the rate of their appearance was slow, designed to remain well below the radar of understanding.

But today, things have changed. The finish line appears close to those who have championed this years-long attempt to reshape the world and the people in it into the image of men. And as such, the final pieces are falling into place at a rapid pace. This convergence of events is, however, leading the world on a much different path than the authors of this new world order utopian vision envisioned. For despite their lofty and elitist aspirations, their influence and leverage, their abilities, their money, and greed, it is they, and all who follow after their lead are in for a very rude awakening.

Ahead lies a great curtain, a veil which keeps hidden the truth of the knobs being turned and the levers pulled. And soon—very soon, that veil will be pulled back, and all will be made manifest. For most, it will be by then be too late. And I mean well beyond the temporal.

If little or none of this is making any sense to you, then may I suggest, that you belong here, reading the series, Handfuls Dropped on Purpose. If you get it or at least a portion of it, you are invited as well. There is so little time available to us all. And I suggest, that time should be used as wisely as possible.

A first lesson:

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth forever.” Psalm 111:10

As an author, I have had the pleasure of writing a handful of books, all of them fiction. And while I enjoy writing fiction, I cannot allow this to be my main pursuit. The times in which we live dictate that my course and focus must change.

Rollin Miller

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