An Upside Down World

And it is getting worse every day.

Like pulling petals from a daisy, I sadly realize that I could count the ways in which this biblical warning from Isaiah has been ignored in recent years, and sadly, the list would be quite long. I suspect that you could conjure your own list. Perhaps we could compare notes.

If we did, what would be our conclusion?

Grab another daisy and start plucking.

Think back to when you were growing up. Think about school, what was taught and what wasn’t. Think about going on your first date or attending the prom. Think about your favorite sports team, the shows you watched on television, and the music you listened to. Think about the things that dominated the social landscape and filled the news. Try and capture as much as you can and when you are finished, compare what you remember to what is going on today.

The contrast is striking, and not in a good way.

This is what the old prophet was warning us about. We as a people and a world have gone from the once unthinkable to the now acceptable. We are now living in the woes of Isaiah and that is not a good place for the world to be.

As a result of our complacency and our acceptance, indulgence, and in many cases, our experiences in the inappropriate and sinful, once condemned and now celebrated, a future is coming, and with it, divine accountability.

Choose this day the forgiveness of God through his Son, Jesus Christ, or don’t. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.

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