Just Getting Started

With the completion of my second novella, Havoc Tales Volume 2 The Hunt, I decided to put aside the third novella in the series, though it already has a head start, and turn my attention in a different direction. And what a difference it is, at least for me. After having finished four science fiction books, I am turning inward, with a personal story involving the friendship of two men.

The foundation has been set and the first chapter is nearly finished. I’m not certain where the story might eventually go, being a writing-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of writer, but I am encouraged and excited by what I have so far.

It is yet untitled. But as things progress, I will let you know.

As for the eleventh installment of Fallen One, it was placed on the back burner for some time as I pushed through on Havoc Tales. Fallen One 11 should be out in a week or so.

Havoc Tales Volume 2 The Hunt

Havoc Tales by Rollin Miller

The boys are back, facing an increasingly monstrous threat that is on the move. Follow Jack, AJ, Wrench, and Beast as they race against time to stop this invasive menace from taking over a New Mexico town.

This is the second novella in a series, Havoc Tales, with Jack Havoc and his team. The first novella, Havoc Tales Volume 1 Terror Below is available from all your online book distributers in ebook or print format.

Get your copies today.

Havoc Tales Volume 2 The Hunt Begins

October is here and the pleasantness of the fall air is starting to take hold here in the southwestern desert. It is a welcome relief.

Havoc Tales Volume 1 The Terror Below is now available in both ebook and print formats for $2.99 and $7.99 respectively. The early reviews are quite thrilling actually, and I thank everyone who has purchased it so far. I also encourage you to write a review if you are willing. Reviews are important to help spread the word about this fast-paced horrific thriller.

The second novella in the series, Havoc Tales Volume 2 The Hunt Begins is well underway with our team, lead by Jack Havoc, preparing to go into this vast new underworld to chase after the creature before it’s too late. If you want to join the team to save the world, then come on board the Havoc train. Get Havoc Tales Volume 1 now, just in time for Halloween.

Havoc Tales Volume 1 Terror Below

Havoc Tales Volume 1, a new novella by Rollin Miller, cover by Rollin Miller

Havoc Tales Volume 1 Terror Below is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo in ebook format. It will be available on other outlets such as Apple in the next day or so. If you prefer to read Havoc Tales in a book format, it should be available from Amazon in about a week. Keep watching for it.

Two people, both Holman and Cassie Boring employees and working on the Transcontinental Water Pipeline project, have been murdered in Southern New Mexico.

Murdered does not adequately describe what has happened to them, but the gruesome details of their deaths will have to remain under wraps—for now.

Jack Havoc and his team have been brought in to uncover the truth about what happened to the victims and to put an end to the threat. They were selected based on their history of willingness to work outside normal boundaries of understanding and permissibility. Follow Jack and the others as they find the truth and, in the process, come face to face with the greatest threat they have ever encountered.

Havoc Tales

Jack Havoc and his team, including Arthur James (AJ) Tanner, Rusty (Beast) Belkin, and Teddy (Wrench) Black, have been selected to do what no ordinary sane person would ever consider. Following the brutal and savage slayings of two people in southern New Mexico, Jack and his team have arrived to find the killer and put a stop to him or it.

This first novella in a series titled Havoc Tales will be arriving well in time for Halloween.

Watch for it.

I Love It When I Get the Willies While Writing

I love it when I get the willies while writing. That’s what’s happening right now as I continue writing the first volume of Havoc Tales. Even with the lights on, I have to pause, go to the kitchen, put on a cup of coffee. Something. Anything to steer my mind away for just a few moments and let me calm down.

I’m taking one of those moments to do just that and to remind you that the first volume will soon be finished. This series of novellas follows a team led by Jack Havoc as they face the impossible, the unpredictable, and the horrifying. A throwback to the ’40s and ’50s creature films, Havoc Tales is sure to delight and hopefully frighten you.

Watch for it.

New Project in the Works

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love watching cold-war era monster movies and creature features. It doesn’t matter (too much) how hokey the puppets, costumes, and special effects were, these are a link to my past, my childhood, much more than King Arthur or Cowboys and Indians.

Beyond a doubt, my favorite is the 1954 classic, Them!. After all, who doesn’t like giant ants taking on the police, the army, and the city of Los Angeles? Coming in at a close second place is Twenty Million Miles to Earth. Oh, how I love that Venusian creature battling the elephant in Rome. Others include TarantulaCreature From the Black LagoonEarth Vs. The SpiderThe Black ScorpionThe Deadly Mantis, and It Came From Beneath the Sea, just to name a few.

I am a bit torn, wondering what some of these timeless classics would look like today, updated with all of the Wizbang computer technology available. I think they would look fantastic, but I am also afraid that something of the story would be lost in the process of creating amazing scenes and imagery. A certain amount of quaintness and nostalgia accompany these stories that just don’t fit in our day and age.


Enjoying these stories so much, I am starting a series of novellas titled Havoc Tales.

The title comes from the lead character, Jack Havoc, who leads a specially chosen team in dealing with the frighteningly unimaginable. Writing is well underway, and I expect to have Volume 1 out in the next couple of months. The tales will be serial in nature, with certain themes and adversaries carrying through the storyline.

I hope you are as excited about reading these stories as I am writing them.

Keep watching, and I suggest you keep the lights on.

Until then, my books, Are We Monsters and 2520 The Last Day will keep you busy. Order your copies today.

The Significance of 2520

The ancient biblical prophetic calendar was based upon 360 days a year. Therefore, it is with relative ease that we can calculate and understand that a prophetic period of 7 years equates to 2520 days.

The Bible speaks of a time of 7 years which is soon coming, a dark and harrowing time, unlike any other time in the history of the world. It will begin with a day that starts the prophetic clock, and it will end on the last day, 2520 days later. It will close the book on unimaginable suffering and destruction and on the lives caught up in the chapters. I shudder to think about what is to come, and you should as well.

Prepare yourself by reading 2520 The Last Day.

2520 The Last Day is a new novel by Rollin Miller, author of Are We Monsters. Available now in ebook and print format.

Fallen One (Introduction)

Stefan Keller – Pixabay

Fallen One is a new book that will written and distributed online and for free. It will also evolve during its journey with inputs from you, the audience.

The genre of this story is Christian/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Fringe. If you wish to participate in the creation of Fallen One, please leave comments with the posts.

Posts will be uploaded on a weeky basis.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.


2520 The Last Day

A story that I had to write.

The bones of this story had been with me a long time before I finally decided to put my nose to it, and get it written. A lot of the intial thoughts, story twists, and specifics have long been trimmed away. Some of those I truly miss. But I feel confident that the story came out the better for it.

As a Christian, the major threads of this story are not the type which fighten me, and yet I know that this story can be frightful to those who read it. One reviewer who said that he loves a good distopian thriller described 2520 The Last Day as gruesome, horrific, and awesome. These words are a delight to my heart, for I hope to elicit similar reactions from many who read the story.

And why would I delight in such responces? Because I want people to be prepared for what is coming. You have heard repeatedly that in politics, elections matter. Well, in life, choices matter. And the types of choices I have laid out in these fictional pages will be more real than you can imagine.

Get your copy of 2520 The Last Day today and jump in for a dark and ominious ride that pulls no punches.

Available now in ebook format from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other digital outlets. 2520 The Last Day will also be available in print format in a matter of weeks.

Enjoy it like it was your last day.

Rollin Miller