Havoc Tales Volume 2 The Hunt Begins

October is here and the pleasantness of the fall air is starting to take hold here in the southwestern desert. It is a welcome relief.

Havoc Tales Volume 1 The Terror Below is now available in both ebook and print formats for $2.99 and $7.99 respectively. The early reviews are quite thrilling actually, and I thank everyone who has purchased it so far. I also encourage you to write a review if you are willing. Reviews are important to help spread the word about this fast-paced horrific thriller.

The second novella in the series, Havoc Tales Volume 2 The Hunt Begins is well underway with our team, lead by Jack Havoc, preparing to go into this vast new underworld to chase after the creature before it’s too late. If you want to join the team to save the world, then come on board the Havoc train. Get Havoc Tales Volume 1 now, just in time for Halloween.

Havoc Tales Volume 1 Terror Below

Havoc Tales Volume 1, a new novella by Rollin Miller, cover by Rollin Miller

Havoc Tales Volume 1 Terror Below is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo in ebook format. It will be available on other outlets such as Apple in the next day or so. If you prefer to read Havoc Tales in a book format, it should be available from Amazon in about a week. Keep watching for it.

Two people, both Holman and Cassie Boring employees and working on the Transcontinental Water Pipeline project, have been murdered in Southern New Mexico.

Murdered does not adequately describe what has happened to them, but the gruesome details of their deaths will have to remain under wraps—for now.

Jack Havoc and his team have been brought in to uncover the truth about what happened to the victims and to put an end to the threat. They were selected based on their history of willingness to work outside normal boundaries of understanding and permissibility. Follow Jack and the others as they find the truth and, in the process, come face to face with the greatest threat they have ever encountered.

Havoc Tales Volume 1 (fini)

Having finished the first volume of Havoc Tales, I wanted to take a little bit of time with you, talking about the second volume which is already underway, and to share with you my writing space.

So, Havoc Tales Volume 2 is in the works. It picks up a few days after the first book leaves off, with a radical expansion of the team, under the leadership of Jack Havoc. Now, understanding the severe threat that they face, Jack realizes that there is no easy way to eradicate it. They are forced to go on the hunt.

The threat is a formidable creature, faster than you can imagine. Pound for pound, it could easily contend for the title of the most feared and dangerous animal on the planet. To make matters worse, there is evidence that suggests that the creature is not alone, and the number of them could be substantial.

So get your copy of Havoc Tales Volume 1 and prepare yourself for what’s coming next. It will be available in ebook format at Amazon and other outlets before Halloween.

As I was working on the second volume, I thought I would share a photograph of my desk setup and tell you the tools that I use in writing.

After working many years in computer support, I quickly moved away from Microsoft and embraced Linux. I have been using Linux as my desktop of choice for just about twenty-five years now. My computer, hanging on the wall behind the monitors is an older Dell 7010, running the latest version of Linux Mint Mate. Linux Mint has proven itself over the years of being one of the premier distributions of the Linux OS. Highly recommended.

But before I talk about the software that I use, I should point out the framed poster just above the screens with the light glare on it. It is a poster of Raiders of the Lost Ark with Indiana Jones whipping his whip. I have always been a movie, book, writing fanatic, and I am proud to admit that I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, my favorite movie, thirty-two times in the movie theater, ranging from California to Illinois. I have no idea how many times I’ve seen it since.

My walls are filled with small shelves with various things that I have loved growing up. The majority of them are die-cast models of planes, warbirds to be exact, a metal toy dirigible with wheels, and an old notebook with newspaper cutouts of the story of Lt. Col. W. E. Dyess and the Bataan Death March, the tape holding the strips yellowed as well as the newsprint. One shelf has an enamel tin ‘The Adventure Begins’ coffee cup, and one of many metal Hallmark toys, this one a 1930 Custom Biplane.

A 3-D relief of the letter R is hanging, covered in various prints of old Marvel Comics. On the other side of Indiana Jones is a canvas bag hanging from a hook that also has a leather hat that looks like the hat that Jones wears in his adventures. Just below the hat and between the straps of the canvas bag is a framed picture of Mickey and Minney kissing on the pilot’s deck of a steamboat. The rest of the walls have additional hanging monitors, televisions, a large framed copy of the mysterious Piri Reis map, supposedly supporting the theory of ancient crust displacement, candles, family pictures, a framed copy of the cover of my first self-published book, and my tea and coffee supplies.

My wife’s desk is on the other side of our office, but as to what she has on her walls, I will leave that to your imagination. On a final note, I will say that we have two Xbox One S units and all the Wolfenstein and Halo games possible. I’m more the Wolfenstein guy.

Not bad for a semi-retired sixty-four-year-old author, huh?

As for the software, you will see on the far left of the left monitor, a recent find called Bibisco. It is software to help with writing, and though I am still on the learning curve with it, it has already proved very helpful. One of the things that I have found helpful is actually putting faces to characters. It has helped me to visualize them in my stories. Next, you will see XMind 8 opened to a file I call Writing Projects 2021. I have been fascinated with Mind Mapping software for years and have used them in many different applications. Using them for story flow, scenes, and characters in fiction writing is one of those, though to be honest, I have had mixed results. That is one of the reasons for using Bibisco. Low and in front of XMind 8 is a cool little program I have used for four or five years now, Simplenote. It is a great note-keeping application that is free, available for Windows, Linux, and my Android phone. With built-in sync, what’s not to like?

On the right, you see the basic graphic for Havoc Tales that I am still working on in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a great substitute to use instead of paying those high prices from Adobe. Finally, overlaying the image is Evernote. Evernote is one of only a couple of applications that I actually pay for, the other being Grammarly. And for those who didn’t think that there is a native application of Evernote for Linux, there is, at least currently in Beta, which this is. Avoiding cost is just one of the wonderful reasons for going open source and Linux.

As for the actual writing, I use LibreOffice Writer. LibreOffice is a wonderful alternative to Microsoft Office and will handle anything thrown at it. And guess what? No cost.

So now that you’ve entered my domain and know a little more about what I use, tell me about your writing space and some of the tools you use when you write. I am always looking out for better ways to stay organized.

Havoc Tales

Jack Havoc and his team, including Arthur James (AJ) Tanner, Rusty (Beast) Belkin, and Teddy (Wrench) Black, have been selected to do what no ordinary sane person would ever consider. Following the brutal and savage slayings of two people in southern New Mexico, Jack and his team have arrived to find the killer and put a stop to him or it.

This first novella in a series titled Havoc Tales will be arriving well in time for Halloween.

Watch for it.

I Love It When I Get the Willies While Writing

I love it when I get the willies while writing. That’s what’s happening right now as I continue writing the first volume of Havoc Tales. Even with the lights on, I have to pause, go to the kitchen, put on a cup of coffee. Something. Anything to steer my mind away for just a few moments and let me calm down.

I’m taking one of those moments to do just that and to remind you that the first volume will soon be finished. This series of novellas follows a team led by Jack Havoc as they face the impossible, the unpredictable, and the horrifying. A throwback to the ’40s and ’50s creature films, Havoc Tales is sure to delight and hopefully frighten you.

Watch for it.

This One Will Keep You Up at Night

This “writing by the seat of your pants” novel I wrote is one of my favorite stories, introducing strong and interesting characters that persist in the next book, Virgin Birth, now underway.

It is a scary look at the world around us and our unfolding future.

Don’t be scared off. Just keep your flashlight handy and the blanket over your head and you will be all right.


Got Your Hands Full?

Roland Mey – Pixabay

I don’t know about you, but my days a pretty full. As I am finishing a new book, a plot problem really brought everything to a screeching halt, my head spinning. But as I work through that, and thankfully it is nearly fixed, I am still writing other projects, reviewing books, taking care of the house, spending time with my wife, and going to work.


Sometimes I just need to find a quiet place a read a good book purely for the enjoyment of it.

I bet you do to.

Take a look at my new book, 2520 The Last Day. A dark book for a dark day. Available today from Amazon and other online book outlets.

New Project in the Works

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love watching cold-war era monster movies and creature features. It doesn’t matter (too much) how hokey the puppets, costumes, and special effects were, these are a link to my past, my childhood, much more than King Arthur or Cowboys and Indians.

Beyond a doubt, my favorite is the 1954 classic, Them!. After all, who doesn’t like giant ants taking on the police, the army, and the city of Los Angeles? Coming in at a close second place is Twenty Million Miles to Earth. Oh, how I love that Venusian creature battling the elephant in Rome. Others include TarantulaCreature From the Black LagoonEarth Vs. The SpiderThe Black ScorpionThe Deadly Mantis, and It Came From Beneath the Sea, just to name a few.

I am a bit torn, wondering what some of these timeless classics would look like today, updated with all of the Wizbang computer technology available. I think they would look fantastic, but I am also afraid that something of the story would be lost in the process of creating amazing scenes and imagery. A certain amount of quaintness and nostalgia accompany these stories that just don’t fit in our day and age.


Enjoying these stories so much, I am starting a series of novellas titled Havoc Tales.

The title comes from the lead character, Jack Havoc, who leads a specially chosen team in dealing with the frighteningly unimaginable. Writing is well underway, and I expect to have Volume 1 out in the next couple of months. The tales will be serial in nature, with certain themes and adversaries carrying through the storyline.

I hope you are as excited about reading these stories as I am writing them.

Keep watching, and I suggest you keep the lights on.

Until then, my books, Are We Monsters and 2520 The Last Day will keep you busy. Order your copies today.

The Significance of 2520

The ancient biblical prophetic calendar was based upon 360 days a year. Therefore, it is with relative ease that we can calculate and understand that a prophetic period of 7 years equates to 2520 days.

The Bible speaks of a time of 7 years which is soon coming, a dark and harrowing time, unlike any other time in the history of the world. It will begin with a day that starts the prophetic clock, and it will end on the last day, 2520 days later. It will close the book on unimaginable suffering and destruction and on the lives caught up in the chapters. I shudder to think about what is to come, and you should as well.

Prepare yourself by reading 2520 The Last Day.

2520 The Last Day is a new novel by Rollin Miller, author of Are We Monsters. Available now in ebook and print format.

Oh My! Have You Heard?

Take this little guy’s advice (he’s a pretty smart kid) and purchase your copy of Are We Monster? today.

Not sure if this is the book for you? I understand. If you don’t believe the little boy, how about some thoughts shared by readers?

This book is hard to put down, and is a great sci-fi thriller. This book reminded me of a cross between Gatica and I, Robot. It’s thrilling and has plenty of action to keep you hooked and enough humour to keep things light. This is a highly entertaining read, sure to leave you wanting more. Julia Clem (5 Stars) Great Sci-Fi Read

I love a good mystery and good science fiction thrills me. Rollin Miller combines both genres in “Are We Monsters?” This combination appears to be unusual to the casual reader. Yet, if we are honest, science fiction has to have mystery for it to be good. This story is excellent. Nevada Sheriff Tom Wood grounds the novel in that element of reality which is essential to a science fiction plot. A strange young woman comes out of the desert inappropriately clad, speaking no known language. The author introduces quickly a potentially cliché antagonist: Kurt Hollenpege, head of the NeosGen Corporation. His aura of unfeeling rigidity is just what the doctor ordered in a bad guy. The plot base is set by the time the reader gets into Chapter 2. Miller is a skillful writer who develops his characters in sufficient detail to make them interesting at each stage of the plot. That, in itself, is unusual for a first novel. It’s also indicative of high respect for his reader’s intelligence. The second sign of high quality is that he makes the plot plausible. The novel is entertaining and worth the time the reader will invest. Five Stars out of Five. Dan Santos (5 Stars) An entertaining page turner. I recommend it.

The author took me away into a fantasy from which I did not want to return. Raves all the way with this one! Excellent writing, plot development, and character uniqueness. What an imagination. A must read for sci fi fans. Primer (5 Stars) A must read!

Very entertaining science fiction book. The details and scenes are very vivid and you can really immerse yourself in them. Refreshing science fiction too, not the same old stuff. Definitely recommend! Marshall Cabot (5 Stars) Entertaining

Are We Monsters is a well-written science fiction thriller that is filled with interesting dialogue, realistic character interactions, and a great storyline. The author also does a good job with the story’s narration and the book makes for an incredibly entertaining read. I highly recommend this novel to all fans of science fiction. Sci-fi Guy (5 Stars) A Well-Written Science Fiction Thriller

Nice mix of mystery, suspense and sci-fi. Miller convincingly combines all three in “Are We Monsters?” The story was engaging, unique and fast-paced. The good guys and bad guys are believable, the dialogue engaging, and the novel is well-written. Kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! Bravo! JustAnswer (5 Stars) A thrill ride from beginning to end!

Crisp, engaging writing that reminded me of Dean Koontz. Looking forward to seeing the next one in the series! BB (5 Stars) Good writing!

Vivid language, colorful imagery, but more mystery than sci-fi. Reminiscent of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, one of the good ones. The characters are beautifully described and engaging. Donald Sutherland (5 Stars) Highly Enjoyable

The author has a great writing style – easygoing, humorous, evocative. This novel defies stereotypical genres that the industry forces you to choose from. It’s futuristic, imaginative, and it’s mysterious. Enjoyed every page. Neil (5 Stars) Imaginative, entertaining read

The author did a great job of making this survival story, one of the best reads I’ve read all year. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but this one is a must-read especially if you are into survival fiction. Can’t wait for Book Two. E (5 Stars) A Brave New World is Coming

This was a fantastic read from start to finish. I love the build up. The author doesn’t rush the story, but instead lets it build naturally. The character development is amazing, and the story is enthralling to say the least. I would recommend this book to anyone. Kris R. (5 Stars) A Great Read

Are We Monsters is an action-packed story that reads like a mystery. Miller does a great job with descriptions that pull you into the scene. The ending ties up the threads nicely while also leaving the reader wanting more and hoping for a sequel. Desserae (5 Stars) Intriguing mystery!

This was a really cool book! It was filled with lots of imagination. It was easy for me to get through! Nice mystery/science fiction book. The descriptions were quite vivid. Characters were believable. There were exciting plot twists sprinkled throughout which I enjoyed. If you’re into sci-fi, you’ll enjoy this read. Christina Blake (5 Stars) Cool Read!

I thought I was getting a sci-fi, but I got a bit of a mystery too. I have never read anything like it. The writing was good and the story kept me on the edge of my seat. Sometimes scores-fi books can get confusing to the reader, but I found this one easy to follow and highly enjoyable. A. Roberts (5 Stars) Not what I expected

I think the author did a wonderful job of setting the story in this sci-fi thriller. The story is a clash between old ways and modern, high-tech beings. I enjoyed the world building and how the story unfolded. The author does a superb job of transporting the reader into this mysterious futuristic story of believable characters and plausible plotline. Dusty (5 Stars) Entertaining Fast-Paced Novel By a Talented Writer

So listen to the excitement in the little boy’s words, and consider these marvelous reviews…but not for too long. Your copy awaits. Order today!

And thank you.