2520 The Last Day

A story that I had to write.

The bones of this story had been with me a long time before I finally decided to put my nose to it, and get it written. A lot of the intial thoughts, story twists, and specifics have long been trimmed away. Some of those I truly miss. But I feel confident that the story came out the better for it.

As a Christian, the major threads of this story are not the type which fighten me, and yet I know that this story can be frightful to those who read it. One reviewer who said that he loves a good distopian thriller described 2520 The Last Day as gruesome, horrific, and awesome. These words are a delight to my heart, for I hope to elicit similar reactions from many who read the story.

And why would I delight in such responces? Because I want people to be prepared for what is coming. You have heard repeatedly that in politics, elections matter. Well, in life, choices matter. And the types of choices I have laid out in these fictional pages will be more real than you can imagine.

Get your copy of 2520 The Last Day today and jump in for a dark and ominious ride that pulls no punches.

Available now in ebook format from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other digital outlets. 2520 The Last Day will also be available in print format in a matter of weeks.

Enjoy it like it was your last day.

Rollin Miller