Fallen One (06)

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The large oak, its low-hanging branches, and broad leaves was chosen as the place to sit. The ground was supple and cool to the touch, and the roots were deep, not on the surface and boney, making for a comfortable place to sit.

Jared stared off into the neglected field as Landel waited patiently, his manner of stoicism perfectly suited to the circumstance. Despite Jared’s knowledge of his Grandmother, nearly all of it coming second hand from family friends, the police, and the courts, it had over time become an unstitched patchwork of memories that needed time and careful handling to be put back together. They were memories much like the field and the barn beside where they were sitting, abandoned and gone to seed. So it was to be expected that when Jared began, the horses would be meandering out of the gate.

“I can’t remember when I last spoke to her,” Jared began, focusing on the cluster of dandelions between his legs. He brushed one of the hearty little flowers with his finger, its yellow petals bending to his will, before plucking the stem. He held it close, gently twisting the stem between his fingers, the flower spinning as he did. “She was locked up in the Osawatomie State Hospital for several years.” The flower spun faster. “They let her out a couple of years back, but I—” He shook his head as if trying to force the words out. “I never went to visit her.”

“And yet, after all that time, you stopped in the front of her house and watched her before leaving town,” Landel said evenly pitched and calm. 

Jared looked up at him. “How did you know about that?” It was an obvious question, or it should have been for most people. But Landel, in their short time together, had already proven himself to be anything but most people. Jared looked back down at the flower, saying nothing about his brief visit.

“I was five years old when my mother died.” His voice held a slight tremor, and the spinning continued. An insect swooped in, circling his head with a buzzing sound. He ducked his head, shooting his hand in the air as he did to swat it away. When the assault was over, his voice recovered angrily. “She was murdered! My grandfather too.”

He threw the carcass of the flower to the ground, lifted his head, and took a deep breath. “I was told that it was a particularly gruesome scene at the house.” Jared looked up, the effect of his remembering telling in his eyes which had reddened and become laden with tears. “When the police arrived on the scene, they found my grandmother covered in blood.” The first tear fell, and he absently wiped it with the back of his hand. “There was blood on the floor, on the furniture, on the walls—” His voice crescendoed, shaking badly before catching in his throat. His tears now ran freely as he ignored the dandelions and clawed into the dirt and rock with his fingers. “On the ceiling!” 

Finding a good one, Jared flung the rock as hard as he could, falling well short of the barn. He watched as the rock crash-landed, kicking up some dust and vanishing in the weeds. He wiped the remaining tears from his eyes using both hands as his face changed with the anger that arose. “Their limbs were separated, torn from their sockets, and their flesh was clawed and shredded as if by a wild beast.”

Jared shifted position and leaned back against the trunk of the oak. He let out a gasp as if a great burden had been thrown down off his back. He began to laugh. “And my grandmother?” He turned to Landel, who watched impassively and patted his arm. “Oh yes, she was covered in blood—their blood, crouched in the corner of the room without a single injury.” His laughter grew louder.

“And you want to hear the best part, hmm?” His eyes, now dry from the tears, had a wild look to them. “She claimed that it was a demon that killed my mother and her husband.” He shook his head violently. “Can you believe it? Wicked, big, and powerful—much more powerful than any normal man or woman.” 

Without a word, Landel stood up and began to walk into the field.

“Where are you going?” Jared asked, pushing himself to his feet. 

Landel walked steadily, with purpose, until he found himself in the middle or close proximity. He lifted his face to the sky as Jared ran to catch up, which he soon did, staring at this strange man whom he had only recently met.

“What’s going on, Landel? What aren’t you telling me?”

Jared was answered with a silence that had gone on long enough as far as he was concerned. Angrily, he grabbed Landel’s arm and attempted to turn the man toward him, but it was like trying to move a great rock. So Jared stepped around in front of him. “I know you know something, so tell me, please?”

Finally, Landel relented, lowering his gaze to the young man. The two just looked at each other for a few moments. “I believe I have the answer to what really happened to your mother and your grandfather.”

This story of Fallen One, is a first draft. I encourage anyone to provide comments, make suggestions, and point out problems.

The return to old memories has been difficult for Jared. But in the process, Jared may have discovered some new information from the strange man, Landel.

I hope you are enjoying the story.

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This One Will Keep You Up at Night

This “writing by the seat of your pants” novel I wrote is one of my favorite stories, introducing strong and interesting characters that persist in the next book, Virgin Birth, now underway.

It is a scary look at the world around us and our unfolding future.

Don’t be scared off. Just keep your flashlight handy and the blanket over your head and you will be all right.


Got Your Hands Full?

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I don’t know about you, but my days a pretty full. As I am finishing a new book, a plot problem really brought everything to a screeching halt, my head spinning. But as I work through that, and thankfully it is nearly fixed, I am still writing other projects, reviewing books, taking care of the house, spending time with my wife, and going to work.


Sometimes I just need to find a quiet place a read a good book purely for the enjoyment of it.

I bet you do to.

Take a look at my new book, 2520 The Last Day. A dark book for a dark day. Available today from Amazon and other online book outlets.

Fallen One (05)

Once Landel started to speak, there was no stopping him. The chapters of time turned backward at an astonishing rate as he unfolded the story of the earth’s earliest days. Each word seemed to strike Jared in an unsuspecting way, evoking an emotional symphony playing the entire range from the twinkle of the piccolo to the thunder of the kettle drums. Jared was drawn into it, his mindset free, open to the fears and the wonders, barraging him side by side.

So drawn was Jared to the world that Landel described that any sense of where he was, whether in a barn or even in Kansas, was gone. He was lost in Oz, so much so that the storm had passed, and the night had dissolved into daybreak. All without him noticing.

And then, just like that, Landel stopped.

And when he did, it was shockingly abrupt, like stomping on the brakes to avoid a collision. Jared, roused from the new world, looked around, got his bearings, and felt the pain in his bum. He pushed himself to his feet, no small task after all that time, and hobbled to the barn doors. Pushing them wide, the smell of a new day, fresh on the heels of a cleansing rain, filled his nostrils as he breathed deeply.

The trees glistened in the morning light, their leaves burdened with the coating of rainwater. Branches swayed in gentle harmony with the welcomed breeze as Jared closed his eyes. Behind him, Jared heard footsteps crunching on dried leaves and fallen young branches. “Why have you come?” The steps ended close behind him.

When no answer came, Jared turned and stared in the face of Landel. Never had he seen a more perfect and beautiful man before, elegant and powerful, judging by his build. It was a face too perfect for this world, and after all that he had heard, Jared began to formulate some ideasideas that were almost too far out there for him to believe, and yet, how else could it be explained?

Jared stepped closer. “Please tell me, why are you here? What is it that you want with me?”

The beautiful face seemed cast in a stoic pose, like a bust of an ancient emperor, frustrating Jared, who clinched his fists and spun around, walking toward the road. The departure of the storm and new daylight brought a bevy of cars and farm trucks, zipping up and down the highway, but Jared gave them little notice. He was still tethered to Oz, the claws in his mind holding fast.

Jared took no notice in the old pickup truck, traveling from the east, its load of hay bales well beyond the safe limits, stacked high and wide, strapped down by rope and bungee cords. His eyes swept up and down the road, but his mind remained trapped in the days before judgment reigned upon the earth. He may have seen the truck, its top-heavy load, and its balding front tires, the one on the left nearly flat, but if he did, none of it registered.

He thought of the man who was his namesake, Jared, the father of Enoch. The man who in his days, by the account bearing his son’s name, lived to see the sinful encroachment of certain angels on the human race. He rubbed his eyes, stepping ever closer to the road, his hair tossed in the gale produced by a car full of screaming kids on their way to a party in the next town.

Jared didn’t know that the truck driver, a lifelong smoker, dropped the tip of his smoldering cigarette onto his lap, a mishap that began with dry sticky lips adhering to the filter. The little ball of ashened fire didn’t remain on his lap too long but rolled of his leg and down into the deep recesses of his crotch.

And no one saw the calamity of events that were lined up in perfect cadence, running toward disaster, including the death of a young man stuck in Oz. No one saw, and neither were they prepared for what was about to happen. None that is except for Landel.

The frantic truck driver pressed his feet against the floorboard, lifting him off the seat, his eyes off the road, his hand inadvertently turning the wheel in a dangerous direction. When the car filled with the kids blared its horn, the truck having crossed into its lane, the truck driver fearfully reacted, overcompensating with the wheel of the truck. Slinging the wheel in the other direction, the truck began to lose control, its balding tires offering little in the way of road-gripping resistance, the top-heavy load taking its toll.

As the kids and the smoker sideswiped each other, the kids went off into a ditch, with bumps, bruises, and scratches to go around, as well as a substantial amount of damage to their car. The truck, wobbling badly, the driver now spinning the wheel right and left, lost its bald footing, sliding sideways along the asphalt, leaving behind a trail of hay and truck parts.

It was the crash of the two vehicles that finally jolted Jared’s consciousness to the present, just in time for him to see the rapidly growing grill of the truck heading directly for him. In the second or two it took for him to process his situation, the truck was nearly on top of him, and it was quickly becoming doubtful that he would escape without injury or even worse.

But then, something amazing, something unimaginable and unexplainable, occurred. Jared was not conscious of it until it was over when he found himself standing near the barn with Landel at his side. The truck came to a halt directly in front of the road access to the barn, the driver shaken but alive as he stood upright through the passenger side window. Down the road, the kids tumbled out, frightened, angry, but okay. Unable to put it all together, Jared turned to Lamdel, his mouth gaping as he shrugged.

It was then that the stoicism broke, and Lamdel turned and looked at him.

“Tell me about your grandmother.”

This story of Fallen One, is a first draft. I encourage anyone to provide comments, make suggestions, and point out problems.

Jared spent the night listening to Landel giving him an ancient history lesson. But Jared grows frustrated, struggling with what he is hearing and wanting to know why Landel came to see him. In the midst of it all, he nearly loses his life but is delivered from the clutches of the encroaching danger. His deliverance only adds to the mystery.

I just returned from holiday in Oregon, traveling without my laptop, so I am a little behind in all my writing.

I hope you enjoy.


Oh My! Have You Heard?

Take this little guy’s advice (he’s a pretty smart kid) and purchase your copy of Are We Monster? today.

Not sure if this is the book for you? I understand. If you don’t believe the little boy, how about some thoughts shared by readers?

This book is hard to put down, and is a great sci-fi thriller. This book reminded me of a cross between Gatica and I, Robot. It’s thrilling and has plenty of action to keep you hooked and enough humour to keep things light. This is a highly entertaining read, sure to leave you wanting more. Julia Clem (5 Stars) Great Sci-Fi Read

I love a good mystery and good science fiction thrills me. Rollin Miller combines both genres in “Are We Monsters?” This combination appears to be unusual to the casual reader. Yet, if we are honest, science fiction has to have mystery for it to be good. This story is excellent. Nevada Sheriff Tom Wood grounds the novel in that element of reality which is essential to a science fiction plot. A strange young woman comes out of the desert inappropriately clad, speaking no known language. The author introduces quickly a potentially cliché antagonist: Kurt Hollenpege, head of the NeosGen Corporation. His aura of unfeeling rigidity is just what the doctor ordered in a bad guy. The plot base is set by the time the reader gets into Chapter 2. Miller is a skillful writer who develops his characters in sufficient detail to make them interesting at each stage of the plot. That, in itself, is unusual for a first novel. It’s also indicative of high respect for his reader’s intelligence. The second sign of high quality is that he makes the plot plausible. The novel is entertaining and worth the time the reader will invest. Five Stars out of Five. Dan Santos (5 Stars) An entertaining page turner. I recommend it.

The author took me away into a fantasy from which I did not want to return. Raves all the way with this one! Excellent writing, plot development, and character uniqueness. What an imagination. A must read for sci fi fans. Primer (5 Stars) A must read!

Very entertaining science fiction book. The details and scenes are very vivid and you can really immerse yourself in them. Refreshing science fiction too, not the same old stuff. Definitely recommend! Marshall Cabot (5 Stars) Entertaining

Are We Monsters is a well-written science fiction thriller that is filled with interesting dialogue, realistic character interactions, and a great storyline. The author also does a good job with the story’s narration and the book makes for an incredibly entertaining read. I highly recommend this novel to all fans of science fiction. Sci-fi Guy (5 Stars) A Well-Written Science Fiction Thriller

Nice mix of mystery, suspense and sci-fi. Miller convincingly combines all three in “Are We Monsters?” The story was engaging, unique and fast-paced. The good guys and bad guys are believable, the dialogue engaging, and the novel is well-written. Kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! Bravo! JustAnswer (5 Stars) A thrill ride from beginning to end!

Crisp, engaging writing that reminded me of Dean Koontz. Looking forward to seeing the next one in the series! BB (5 Stars) Good writing!

Vivid language, colorful imagery, but more mystery than sci-fi. Reminiscent of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, one of the good ones. The characters are beautifully described and engaging. Donald Sutherland (5 Stars) Highly Enjoyable

The author has a great writing style – easygoing, humorous, evocative. This novel defies stereotypical genres that the industry forces you to choose from. It’s futuristic, imaginative, and it’s mysterious. Enjoyed every page. Neil (5 Stars) Imaginative, entertaining read

The author did a great job of making this survival story, one of the best reads I’ve read all year. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but this one is a must-read especially if you are into survival fiction. Can’t wait for Book Two. E (5 Stars) A Brave New World is Coming

This was a fantastic read from start to finish. I love the build up. The author doesn’t rush the story, but instead lets it build naturally. The character development is amazing, and the story is enthralling to say the least. I would recommend this book to anyone. Kris R. (5 Stars) A Great Read

Are We Monsters is an action-packed story that reads like a mystery. Miller does a great job with descriptions that pull you into the scene. The ending ties up the threads nicely while also leaving the reader wanting more and hoping for a sequel. Desserae (5 Stars) Intriguing mystery!

This was a really cool book! It was filled with lots of imagination. It was easy for me to get through! Nice mystery/science fiction book. The descriptions were quite vivid. Characters were believable. There were exciting plot twists sprinkled throughout which I enjoyed. If you’re into sci-fi, you’ll enjoy this read. Christina Blake (5 Stars) Cool Read!

I thought I was getting a sci-fi, but I got a bit of a mystery too. I have never read anything like it. The writing was good and the story kept me on the edge of my seat. Sometimes scores-fi books can get confusing to the reader, but I found this one easy to follow and highly enjoyable. A. Roberts (5 Stars) Not what I expected

I think the author did a wonderful job of setting the story in this sci-fi thriller. The story is a clash between old ways and modern, high-tech beings. I enjoyed the world building and how the story unfolded. The author does a superb job of transporting the reader into this mysterious futuristic story of believable characters and plausible plotline. Dusty (5 Stars) Entertaining Fast-Paced Novel By a Talented Writer

So listen to the excitement in the little boy’s words, and consider these marvelous reviews…but not for too long. Your copy awaits. Order today!

And thank you.


2520 The Last Day

A story that I had to write.

The bones of this story had been with me a long time before I finally decided to put my nose to it, and get it written. A lot of the intial thoughts, story twists, and specifics have long been trimmed away. Some of those I truly miss. But I feel confident that the story came out the better for it.

As a Christian, the major threads of this story are not the type which fighten me, and yet I know that this story can be frightful to those who read it. One reviewer who said that he loves a good distopian thriller described 2520 The Last Day as gruesome, horrific, and awesome. These words are a delight to my heart, for I hope to elicit similar reactions from many who read the story.

And why would I delight in such responces? Because I want people to be prepared for what is coming. You have heard repeatedly that in politics, elections matter. Well, in life, choices matter. And the types of choices I have laid out in these fictional pages will be more real than you can imagine.

Get your copy of 2520 The Last Day today and jump in for a dark and ominious ride that pulls no punches.

Available now in ebook format from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other digital outlets. 2520 The Last Day will also be available in print format in a matter of weeks.

Enjoy it like it was your last day.

Rollin Miller

Virgin Birth

Approximately two years after the events of Are We Monsters, we find ourselves once again in the remote desert of Ridgeway, Nevada. An assault is underway by a clandestine team of operatives, attempting to gain access to the now-closed and guarded NeosGen site.

Secrets, best forgotten, can never truly be by those fueled by greed and a lust for life, which thrives only outside of the world’s constraints. Driven by the need to free himself from the human conditions and perils of decay and death, a new face emerges. Stepping out from the shadows, he seeks to crack the code of life eternal, the groundwork having already been laid. But in his vision, his unbridled passion thrusts him into a realm no one thought was possible—where he could become a god himself.

Virgin Birth, the upcoming sequel to Are We Monsters, will soon be available.

Are We Monsters?

As the rest of the world stumbled haphazardly into the future, the rural county of Ridgeway, Nevada remained stuck in the past. It held little distinction other than the desert, cold beer and boredom. However, that was about to change when a girl, wearing a tattered dress and nothing else but a strange tattoo on her arm appeared at a roadside café.

When no one could identify her, the owner figured she must have walked out of the desert. It was a feat made more amazing by the fact of the blistering summer temperature and that her feet were bare. Calling the sheriff’s office, he described her condition as “in a bad way.”

Her arrival will eventually reveal a well-hidden ball already in play. It was a frightening version of the future of which she had a significant role, though she was unaware of it and what she was capable of. Her soon encounter with the hard-nosed sheriff Tom Woods, will put her at terrible odds with the creator of that future, NeosGen Corporation and its founder, Kurt Hollenpege.

With only sheriff Tom Woods and his team of deputies standing in the way, those who scientifically harnessed the secrets of overcoming all human limitations and afflictions appeared unstoppable. Wearing his 45 Colt low on his waist with his Winchester nearly always in reach, he made the call to keep the girl safe and stop those who had decided to play God.

The most high tech device the sheriff owned was a flip-phone, which was his preference because it was easy. And he liked doin’ easy. The trouble is that what is coming is anything but.