The political mid-term elections, while still in the process of unfolding, continue to do so in a manner that is quite unexpected for many people. Considering the increased lawlessness in the country, the economy, the debt, the inflation, the open borders, the rampant disregard for parent’s say in the schools, and so many other major issues, it is not surprising that a poll recently taken shows that 75 percent of the people of the United States believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

What is surprising is that in the face of that reality, the chains shifted very little in politics.

While it is true that there may yet be a changing of the political guard in leadership of the House, it is not enough. While it is true there may yet be a slim chance that the same could be true of the Senate, the sweeping outcome of the elections does not appear to line up with a majority of the nation seeing the nation on the wrong road.

The nation and indeed the world are on the wrong path and have been recklessly headed toward the cliff for a long time now. There isn’t enough white space on this page to list every gut-wrenching, head-shaking thing that has happened. But for me, one shameful political act stands head and shoulders above the dust-clearing political collision that occurred this week.

And of all the places that it happened, it occurred in Montana.

Legislative Referendum 131 was on the docket, giving the voters of Montana the opportunity to vote on it. The referendum, according to Foxnews, would have enacted a law guaranteeing any infant born alive at any stage of pregnancy protections as a “legal person” and would impose criminal penalties on any health care worker that doesn’t provide adequate medical care to these babies.

The Foxnews article then includes a tweet from Robby Starbuck, that really hits the mark. In it, Robby wrote, “Montana voted to let babies die. Let that sink in. All this would have done is force doctors to give care to a living human baby, including if they’re born alive after an abortion. What a dark, horrific day.

What a dark, horrific day, indeed.

How could something like this happen you might wonder? How could 75 percent of the people of the United States agree that the country is headed in the wrong direction and then do nothing about it politically?

There is only one possible answer to this dilemma. The United States and the rest of the world are already under the hand of God’s judgment and he is laying the foundation for the next stage of human history, a dark stage indeed. God has given the people over to their wickedness, in a divine, “You wanted this, well you’ve got this,” attitude. He is going to allow the world to nearly drown in their sin before the hammer comes down. And by his divine hand, God is bringing strong delusion upon those who have continually rejected him so that they will believe the lie that is coming.

And it is coming!

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