Are We Monsters? and Virgin Birth

Both books explore the intersection of genius and madness in a thrilling but monstrous pursuit to put on the mantel of God and uncover the secrets to a life free from pain and suffering, and ultimately death itself.

Are We Monsters is available now in ebook format. Print format should be available in July 2021.

Virgin Birth should be available in the July to August timeframe in both ebook and print format.

Virgin Birth

Approximately two years after the events of Are We Monsters, we find ourselves once again in the remote desert of Ridgeway, Nevada. An assault is underway by a clandestine team of operatives, attempting to gain access to the now-closed and guarded NeosGen site.

Secrets, best forgotten, can never truly be by those fueled by greed and a lust for life, which thrives only outside of the world’s constraints. Driven by the need to free himself from the human conditions and perils of decay and death, a new face emerges. Stepping out from the shadows, he seeks to crack the code of life eternal, the groundwork having already been laid. But in his vision, his unbridled passion thrusts him into a realm no one thought was possible—where he could become a god himself.

Virgin Birth, the upcoming sequel to Are We Monsters, will soon be available.